Møter våren 2019

1 “Sleep and Breathing 2019”, en konferanse organisert av the European Respiratory Society (ERS) and the European Sleep Research Society (ESRS) I Marseille
11.-13. April https://www.esrs.eu/index.php?id=1058

Ps abstractfrist 30/10

2 European Narcolepsy Master Class (17.mai), the 10th European Narcolepsy Day (18-19 mai), begge i Bern og arrangert av European Narcolepsy Network. Se program under.

3 Nordic Sleep Conference 2019 i Oslo og Holmenkollen 23-25 mai. Vi håper å se deg der! 

, 12.10.2018

European Narcolepsy Master Class

Bern, Switzerland, May


supported by: UCB (Platinum), Bioprojet, IDORSIA, Theranexus, Harmony (t.b.c.), Takeda (t.b.c.), Avadel (t.b.c.)



Friday, May 17 (University Hospital, Inselspital, Bern)

Narcolepsy, Update 2018


08:30-09:00 Registration

09:00-09:15  Welcome and introductionC. Bassetti


Session 1Etio-Pathophysiology

09.15-09.45Circuits of narcolepsyC. Peyron (F)

09.45-10.15Autoimmunity of narcolepsyF. Sallusto (CH)





Session 2Clinical presentation (with case examples)11.00-11.30Clinical features in adultsP. Reading (UK)

11.30-12.00Clinical features in childrenG. Plazzi (I)





Session 3Diagnosis/Differential Diagnosis (with cases examples)

14.00-14.30DiagnosisR. Fronczek (NL)

14.30-15.00Differential diagnosisC. Bassetti (CH)





Session 4Treatment (with case examples)

15.45-16.15Management in adultsU. Kallweit (G)

16.15-16.45Management in childrenM. Lecendraux (F)




Bern, Switzerland, May 18-19, 2019


in collaboration with


supported by: UCB (Platinum), Bioprojet, IDORSIA, JAZZ, Theranexus, Harmony (t.b.c.), Takeda (t.b.c.),


Saturday, May 18 (University Hospital, Inselspital, Bern)


08:30-09:00 Registration

09:00-09:15 WelcomeC. Bassetti


09.15-10.30Session 1: Basic Science

Chair: P.H. Luppi (F)


09.15-09.45Genetics of the narcolepsy borderlandM. Tafti (CH)

09.45-10.15Neurobiology of the narcolepsy borderlandM. Schmidt (CH)



10.30-11.00Coffee break


11.00-12.15Session 2: Clinical Science

Chair: J. Mathis (CH)


11.00-11.30Clinical features of the narcolepsy borderlandG.J. Lammers (NL)

11.30-12.00Treatment of the narcolepsy borderlandY. Dauvilliers (F)



12.15-14.00Lunch and Poster

12.30-13.30Business Meeting


14.00-15.00Session 3: Patients questions/answers 

Chairs: G. Plazzi (I), C. Bassetti (CH)


15.00-16.00Session 4: Young scientists session (6 talks)

Chairs: F. Pizza I), A. Wierzbicka (CH)


16.00-16.30Coffee break



16.30-17.45Session 5: Year in review(Narcolepsy)

Chair: K. Sonka (CZ)


16.30-17.00Clinical scienceG. Plazzi (I)

17.00-17.30Basic scienceB. Kornum (DK)




18.00-19.00Meeting of the EU-NN board with representatives of pts organizations



Sunday, May 19 (University Hospital, Inselspital, Bern)


09.00-10.30Session 6: The patients’ perspective(narrative medicine)

Chairs: G. Maye (D), S. Knudsen (N)


09.00-09.30Lecture 1: Narcolepsy

09.30-10.00Lecture 2: Idiopathic Hypersomnia

10.00-10.30Lecture 3: Kleine-Levin Syndrome


10.30-11.00Coffee break 

11.00-12.15Session 7: Awards ceremony

Chairs: C. Bassetti (CH), G. Plazzi (I)


11.00-11.15Young Scientist Award


11.15-11.30Best Poster award


11.30-12.30European Narcolepsy Award (and lectures) 2019

M. Yanagisawa (J)

E. Mignot (USA)


12.30-12.45Presentation of candidates for European Narcolepsy Day 2020


12.45Closing remarks