Finsk nettkurs i søvnmedisin

Miljøene bak «Sleep Well» og «Sleep and breathing center» har tatt initiativ til felles nordisk søvnundervisning 15/9, 20/10, 10/11, 8/12. Kurset er gratis. Oppgitte tidspunkt er 16-18 EET, dvs skulle tilsi 15-17 CET/norsk tid:

The 2-year Sleep School organized jointly by the Universities of Helsinki and Turku, in co-operation with
Nordic experts, will provide overview and practical tools for phycisians, nurses, psychologists and
researchers in the field of sleep medicine and sleep research. CME credits will be applied from the
Universities of Helsinki and Turku.
The course combines high quality expertises in sleep research (Sleepwell research program at Helsinki
University Medical Faculty) and clinical sleep medicine (Sleep and Breathing Centre at the Turku
University Hospital). The teachers are internationally recognized experts on their respective fields, and
experienced educatiors.The curriculum has been created and evaluated in reference with the
recommendations of the EACCME.
Aims of the course: The course “Sleep medicine” will provide the participants overview on sleep
medicine and practical tools for professionals and students in the field.
Target audience: Medical doctors, nurses, psychologists and other health care professionals working
in fields where patients have sleep problems, as well as students and researchers of these fields.
Methods: The course is an e-learning course. The lectures will be given once a month on Wednesday
at 16.00 – 18.00 h. Time allocated for each presentation is 60 min. Legal aspects included in
presentations when applicaple. The lectures will be offered through Zoom-link (please, see below).
The course is free of charge and open to those interested in sleep medicine.
The lessons during year 2021 will cover the basic aspects of sleep and circadian rhythm physiology.
The rest of the course is dedicated to the different aspects of sleep pathologies and conducts of sleep
Welcome to the course!
If you have further questions, please contact: coordinator Tiina Härkönen at
Instructions to join the Zoom Meetings:
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